Mayor Alexander Expected to Testify in Bobby Joe Wilson Trial

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Courtroom detail

by Colin Crews

Irondale Tommy Joe Alexander is expected to testify in the harassment trial of City Council President Bobby Joe Wilson. The trial begins Monday. The harassment charge was brought against Wilson last September by Irondale Public Works Director Delane Davis. The complaint claims that Wilson provoked an argument at the city’s 2012 Thanksgiving Luncheon. Several city employees at the luncheon state that Wilson became confrontational with Davis over the removal of campaign signs from the August 2012 elections. As the disagreement became more heated Mayor Alexander asked the two men to move to an unoccupied office in an attempt to calm the situation. Sources who witnessed the altercation claim that as Davis entered the office, Wilson shoved the Public Works Director and said, “What are you going to do now, boy?”

When news of the complaint first broke last September, Wilson’s attorney, Tommy Spina said that “Any allegation he (Wilson) did something that would equate to harassment of another individual as defined under Alabama law is totally out of character for him.” Wilson turned himself into the Jefferson County Jail on September 4th, 2013 and was released a short time later that day on a $1,000 bond.

Alabama State Law describes harassment as when an individual “strikes, shoves, kicks, or otherwise touches a person or… directs abusive or obscene language or makes an obscene gesture towards another person.”

A subpoena has been issued for Alexander to testify, however it is unclear if the three term mayor has been served yet. District Court Judge Katrina Ross will hear the case on March 17th in criminal court. It is unclear at this time whether Council President Wilson, if found guilty, will be forced to resign from office.

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  1. BLG says:

    I have been told that Alexander witnessed the whole thing but he is now recanting this. As usual, Alexander needs to grow a pair. It’s hard to believe that he was ever a Policeman. Without a doubt the worst Mayor that Irondale has ever had. He never uses his Veto power to stop the reckless spending and now this. Must be some kind of deal in the making but as far as Wilson being forced to resign, we can only hope. It would be the best thing for this City. Too bad Alexander won’t

  2. MamieX9 says:

    Mr. Davis is now thinking about taking a settlement. (see I sure wish he wouldn’t. As far the mayor testifying…..he wouldn’t have a choice if he was subpoenaed and I would hope that he wouldn’t commit perjury, but you never know.

  3. NotSoSimple says:

    Please don’t settle!

    If you have been to any of the City Council meetings in the last year, it looks like a local version of the brawls in Parliaments of Turkey, India, GB and others. It is politics at its finest:

    –Patronizing friends and associates regardless of need (For example: a questionable [] Project Manager to the tune of hundreds of thousands when one was clearly not needed).
    –The general attitude toward residents
    –Curbing the freedom of expression in what is supposed to be a public forum for those who have an opinion different from the Council President
    –The lack of due diligence in the conduct of many of the City’s larger transactions
    –The never-ending block voting (3-2)
    –And let’s not talk about the need to spend $850.00 on professional photos for the Council Members.

    The list goes on and on.

    Given what the residents of Irondale have to endure from its City Council and government, a little justice would be refreshing!

  4. Regina Bearden says:

    The block voting isn’t the only thing that gets my goat….ie: allowing a citizen to get up in front of everyone and dog out Terry and Bobby Joe allowing it to happen. He didn’t even try to stop her as he did me when I was saying something that he didn’t want to hear.
    About the Davis/Wilson case….if Delane (white) had called Bobby Joe (black) “boy” Delane would have been called a racist, so what is it called when it is the other way around?

  5. BLG says:

    Regina, it is called the ” Liberal Way of Thinking ” also known as a ” Double Standard ”
    We have got to get the Spend Happy Trio out of their before we lose our City.

  6. Diane Allen says:

    I know how the City can recoup some of the money this council is throwing away: I pass City Hall several times a day and it seems I either see Ms. Pike’s car parked out front or she is hanging out in front of the building. Even on weekends, she is there a large part of the day. In light of her spending so much time at City Hall, she should pay rent!

    Honestly, what is she doing there EVERY

  7. Diane Allen says:

    day! I know there are a lot meetings scheduled, but, seriously, EVERY day and on the weekends. Give me a break!

  8. mamie X9 says:

    I wonder if her husband is glad she spends so much time there. I would be if I were him.

  9. The Ump says:

    Speaking of the District 22 representative I think we should donate to have her eyes checked and glasses replaced. Seems like she was the one that insisted the Visitor Parking Only signs be placed along the north side of the City Hall building. Seems like most of the time I drive by it is her vehicle that is parked in one of the spaces. After almost two years you would think she would no longer consider herself a visitor. Although for some, that would be a real blessing!!

  10. BLG says:

    Pike, Wilson and London vote to spend $ 850.00 of our Money to have their Mugs taken and Bearden and Sanderson voted against it. So, there goes $850.00.

    HERE’S THE REAL KICKER ! From Craig Sanderson’s Comments

    Consider Ordinance 2014-54 to increase the legal fees in the General Fund Budget FY 2013-14 for Waldrep, Kendrick, & Stewart, LLC from $ 280,000.00 to $ 330,000.00. (Mayor)
    City Attorney Charlie Waldrep has already received a 17% pay raise during the current Fiscal Year, while our City employees received only 3%, and several other contract employees received no raise whatsoever. In addition Waldrep’s firm is paid 3% of every land sale or purchase by the City and is paid extra for work done on bond issues or for the Water Department. On tonight’s agenda in both this item and item 13 below, Waldrep and Mayor Alexander are requesting he be paid an additional $100,000 per year. If Waldrep receives these increases along with the 17% he has already received, then he would be getting a pay raise of 59% after working for the City for only 1 year. This is not only ridiculous but could push the City into bankruptcy. I would ask each of you how many 59% pay raises you have received in your careers. I will not support this extravagant and unjustified pay raise.

    Councilor Bearden stated he would approve additional pay for City Attorney Charlie Waldrep up to $350,000 from the current $280,000, an increase of $70,000. As item 12 and 13 together call for an increase of $100,000 Bearden requested an amendment to reduce the $330,000 shown in this resolution to $300,000. The amendment passed. As an ordinance requires unanimous approval on the first reading, this ordinance failed. It was supported by Councilors Bearden, Pike and Wilson. Councilor London and I spoke against it. If Councilors Bearden, Pike and Wilson vote for this ordinance again in the April 15th meeting, it will pass by simple majority.


  11. Mamie X9 says:

    Some people just don’t understand that Charlie is not representing the city alone….he has an attorney at every meeting….work sessions, board meetings and committee meetings…..he has to pay these people. Unlike the former attorney who went home at 5, except on most council meeting nights. I don’t know what the going rate is for a city attorney, but I do know that some get upwards of $300.00 an hour depending on their experience. If he or one of his employees work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week that would be $624,000.00 a year. (40 hrs a week for 52 weeks = 2080 hours x $300. an hr. = $624,000.00 a year) As it is it breaks down like this $300,000.00 divided by 2080 hrs = $144.25 an hour. Would you rather he ask for billable hours and make $300. an hour or get the $144.25 an hour. I know you are saying he or his employees don’t work 8 hours a day 5 days a week. You don’t know how many hours he works, but lets say he charges $300.00 an hour, he would only have to work a 1,000 hrs (or 19.23 weeks) a year to earn his $300,000.00. I think we are getting a deal.

  12. commonsense says:

    Mamie X9,

    I totally disagree with your comments regarding Charlie W’s pay. We are not getting a deal we are getting the shaft. First, we don’t need his attorneys at every meeting, mainly because they add no real value. They are primarily fixtures that once called on for advice give the standard, “i will check and get back with you” response. Second, Charlie seems to be focused on everything but the law and that is because the mayor and certain council members call him for everything. He should not be involved in doing rate studies, serving as the economic development lead and bringing every Tom, Dick and Harry to Irondale to get paid. He has pitched everything from phone systems to grant writing to the council with hopes of getting paid or getting his friends paid !!!
    What has the city gained from the $10,000 a month that’s paid to Chris Woods ( a Charlie recommendation). If we had true leadership in City Hall and on the council we could have our legal issues addressed for half of what Charlie is whining for… We need leaders that actually read emails, perform due diligence and actually ponder city issues more than just before the next council meeting… If you want to talk about council spending, then talk about the councilors who approved hiring Chris Woods and voting on an almost 60% pay increase to the city attorney after one year of suspect legal representation. Mamie X9, did someone get to you ?????

  13. BLG says:

    Folks, get ready for a fight. In the future, Charlie wants his hands on our Water and since he is on the Board of the Birmingham Water Works, he wants our Water for Birmingham and then we will be in the mess that Birmingham Water and Sewer is in. He is a Snake and cares nothing for Irondale and it’s Citizens. All he wants is the Money. Thanks Again Alexander for bring him into our City.

    Do you really think that you could get elected again for the 4th time, you barely made it on your last election? (21) votes !!!

  14. Mamie X9 says:

    To Commonsense:
    First of all…..nobody got to me…..I think for myself and that is what I did in this instance…..I did my research and I know what attorneys get paid….Do you balk when you (or your insurance company) pay your doctor $200+ for a thirty minute office visit? Probably not….. People pay for what they want or need….Why is it okay for a doctor to make over $400. an hour and not an attorney?

    To BLG;
    Sounds like sour grapes to me……

  15. BLG says:

    Mamie X9
    Explain yourself when you say ” Sounds like sour grapes to me”

  16. mamie X9 says:

    You are just angry because you lost to Alexander in the Mayor’s race after being forced to retire from the city.

  17. BLG says:

    Well, Regina Bearden (alias) Mamie X9
    Have you been drinking some of Donna Pike’s Koolaid ? If you are going to post statements on here about me, I would appreciate it if you would get them correct.
    False Statement number one – I never ran for Mayor and never lost to Alexander.
    False Statement number two – I was never forced to retired, it was my decision, they contacted my Lawyer and ask me if I wanted to settle and since I got what I wanted, I was more than happy to get out of that Hell Hole. My lawyer told me that if I wanted my Job, that I would get it back just by going through Jefferson County Personnel because Alexander handled everything wrong by Personnel Board rules but of course he did, he is inept !!

    To Commonsense, I totally agree with you about your comments to Regina Bearden (alias) Mamie x9 We are getting the Shaft and Terry Bearden has now helped Alexander and Waldrep do that to us. Perhaps Mamie X9 and her husband would like to pay the last $20,000 out of their Pockets and save the Taxpayers their money. Yours Truly Bill Glazier

  18. mamie X9 says:

    Well well Mr. Glazier, what makes you think I am Regina Bearden? I could be anybody. You can believe anything you want, but it is still sour grapes. I still stand by the fact that we are getting a deal. I have come realize there is nothing I can say to convince you. Mamie X9

  19. BLG says:

    Well, finally we agree on something and finally you are right about something.
    You will never be able to convince me otherwise because Facts are Facts and the fact is our City Politicians and that includes, Terry Bearden and excludes Craig Sanderson, are wasting our money on Waldrep. It just don’t add up.


    I am not going to go back and forth with you on two different sites, besides the Bobby Joe Wilson Debacle has nothing to do with Irondale’s Spending Priorities.

  20. Regina Bearden says:

    Whatever happened in this case?

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